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Accessibility Policy

The Web is becoming an increasingly important resource for various aspects of everyday life: social life, finances, education, government, etc. Users who surf the Net can also encounter difficulties in certain situations, which can include technological limitations, physical or visual impairments, obsolete equipment or simply a lack of familiarity with the Web environment.

SEPB Québec is sensitive to the needs of the various visitors to its Web site, and particularly the needs of Net surfers with disabilities. With this in mind, SEPB Québec has done everything in it's power to ensure that everyone can surf with ease, and use its Web site to the fullest. However, SEPB Québec cannot guarantee the accessibility of documents from outside sources.

WAI Accessibility Rules

The SEPB Québec Web site, which was created using Edimaster Plustm software, respects the AAA level accessibility rules (WCAG 1.0) of the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI).
This means that the pages on this Web site meet the following criteria:
  • Net surfers are warned when a link opens in a different window.
  • Net surfers are warned when a link displays a sub-menu, and they are given the option of selecting a displayed sub-menu directly with a link at the top of each page.
  • Net surfers are given the option of skipping navigation to access content directly with a link at the top of each page.
  • Data are always presented in the following order: tools, heading (logo), navigation, content, headlines, footer. This excludes images viewed in the image directory and flag pages.

List of general keyboard shortcuts

  • S: Go directly to content (skip navigation)
  • M: Go directly to open menu (sub-menu)
  • 1: Go to home page
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  • 0: Accessibility policy

List of keyboard shortcuts for slide shows

  • P: Play
  • X: Stop
  • C: Previous picture
  • V: Next picture
  • B: Return to the beginning of the slide show

Text size can be changed to make it easier to read what is displayed on the screen. This function is available on the Web site’s toolbar. The text size you choose will be recorded by a cookie saved by your browser. This cookie will make it possible for your browser to reselect your preferred text size during future visits to the Web site.

XHTML and CSS2 standards

This site was built using XHTML 1.0 transitional language and its style sheets comply with the CSS 2 standard.

You can check the SEPB Québec Web site’s conformance anytime using the free validation tool provided by W3C

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