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A word from the Director

Executive Director Simon Berlin
Sisters; Brothers :

It is with tremendous pride and a certain amount of humility that I pen my first “Word from the Director”.

Friday, November 2nd, 2013 is a historic date both for SEPB-Québec and the QFL. For the first time in its history the QFL had a contested election at a convention for President and Secretary General.

Our Executive Director and my friend Serge Cadieux ran for the position of QFL Secretary General. In a three-way fight Serge garnered 64% of the votes thus winning the election as Secretary General. As for Daniel Boyer, he was elected by acclamation.

Serge’s victory is even that much more historically important since SEPB-Québec, with its 15,000 members, is the 9th largest affiliate of the QFL which counts some 600,000 members amongst its 37 affiliates. That one of ours is elected to one of the two highest ranking officer positions is a major achievement in which we all can take great pride.

Serge and I were hired by SEPB only weeks apart some 30 years ago. Over those years, we fought many battles together, we saw SEPB-Québec grow, gain maturity and take its place among the labour movement. From the creation of SEPB-Québec in 2003 up to the formation of our own Canadian union when we separated from the International in 2004, Serge has always been a great SEPB leader.

I would like to take this opportunity on my behalf and that of all of our members and local unions to both congratulate Serge on his election as Secretary General of the QFL and thank all of the people of our organization – activists, Executive Board members, union reps and support staff – as well as all of our union friends who worked so hard and contributed to that historic day.

I also would like to thank Serge for the 30 years he gave to our organization, for the dedication and determination he always showed defending our rights and promoting not only our union but the entire labour movement.

Serge leaves the SEPB but his work continues as new challenges await him at the head of the QFL. Daniel Boyer, the new QFL President and Serge Cadieux, the new Secretary General of the QFL (the Boyer-Cadieux Team) were elected by the some 1,500 delegates at the Convention with this three-fold electoral platform: “Ethics and Integrity”, “Proud to be a Union Member” and “Politic Action for the Benefit of All”. I am certain that they will deliver.

Congratulations to Daniel Boyer and Serge Cadieux!

We turn a new page of our history. At the outset, I intend to implement a collegial leadership. I will be assisted in my duties by my friend Pierre Gingras, first Assistant Executive Director, and it will be our goal to achieve the broadest consensus possible with the Executive Committee and the SEPB-Québec staff.

Together we will work for the best interests of SEPB-Québec.

Together, everything is possible.

In Solidarity,

Simon Berlin,

SEPB-Québec Executive Director


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